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MS Book Review: Managing MS: Straight Talk From a 31-Year Survivor

     "A book for every neurologist's office"
Written by Kim Dolce

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Other Reviews:

“Debbie Petrina has written a remarkable book about her personal journey with MS in the hopes that her story and her thoughts will be helpful to others with MS.  Her personal thoughts will be helpful to people with MS and their loved ones as they embark on their own journeys.”
--Barry A. Hendin M.D., Phoenix Neurological Associates

“Managing MS:  Straight Talk from a 31-Year Survivor provides practical and meaningful guidance for people living with MS as well as for their family and friends. In addition, caregivers and health care providers can learn ways to understand someone who has been diagnosed with MS. The information is candid and personal from Debbie's experience living with MS for more than three decades.”
--Ellen Friedman, P.T., M.A.

“Debbie Petrina treats the subject with candor, and her no-nonsense style does not sugar-coat reality, but deals with it in an honest, up-front manner that MS patients, their friends, and their families will appreciate.”
--Rita Wilson, English teacher and writer

“This book is INCREDIBLE and easy to read. The clinical information and personal experience provided not only answers key questions but reassures readers that they are not alone.”
--Sandy Dow, Neuro-Trauma ICU RN, Phoenix,AZ

“Good common-sense advice; not preachy. Very user-friendly.”
–Jeffrey Fisher M.D., Consultants in Internal Medicine

“This book is very enlightening and a "must read" for anyone with MS and those who care for someone with MS. When I was diagnosed with MS in 1991 I was in denial and didn't know where to turn. The National MS Society in Pittsburgh told me of a support group for newly diagnosed MSers lead by Debbie Petrina. She is very knowledgeable in MS and made such a difference in my life; she can make a difference in yours. This is a book that you will both cherish and enjoy.”
– Jacqueline Dawso, Trafford, PA

“I wish I would have had a book like this to read years ago, from someone suffering from this disease. MS is very frightening and confusing.  I have had MS for 23 years and still found it helpful in many ways.”
–Gerry Markle, Delmont, PA