How You Can Help

How You Can Help


1. Any donations to help me cover my personal costs to run this website are greatly appreciated.


2. Please share any information on this website to others whether they have MS or not, to increase their knowledge and support. Use your social media platforms or word of mouth to your healthcare team, family, friends, peers, strangers, etc.

3. Volunteer in some way for the MS Community. I know you have very busy lives raising families, working, and running a household, etc. and can’t make a continuous commitment, but to do just one thing on one day helps!

4. Increase awareness of MS just by:

   • Talking about it casually, to anyone and everyone.
   • Wear an orange ribbon; people will ask about it!

5. Please send me your ideas about:

   • How to increase education and awareness of MS both inside and outside the MS community.
   • Things that would enhance this website for folks dealing with MS.