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     Guest Blog Post for Herbal Papaya, March 7, 2016
         “Why MS doesn’t Scare Me Anymore” by Debbie Petrina

      U.S.News & World Report (Health)
          Life with an “Invisible” Illness--article
Debbie Petrina—interviewed Jan. 2016

     Phone Interview with Madelienne Stowe RE:
                         Take Action on MS Campaign—

                         Sponsored by Genzyme ,  Las Vegas  6/20/2015


       Fix MS Now Radio show interview
                 Sheryl Stukelsky to Inverview D. Petrina LIVE!
                       "Managing MS"   October 22, 2014 7 pm ET

       Newspaper article - D. Petrina (Click here)
           Glendale Star Feb 4, 2014

       Radio Interview KVOI AM (Tucson, AZ)
   Wed. 2/5  7:15 am "Wake Up Tucson"   
               D. Petrina - "Upcoming Genzyme MS Event" - 2/15 in Phoenix

        Neurology Now Magazine: Listed Debbie Petrina's MS Blog
               as the Patient Blogger for Multiple Sclerosis (Click here) Dec. 2013

        Achievement:  Diamond Expert Author Award
Ezine Articles (
May 31, 2013) (Click here)

        MS/Orange Awareness Campaign (click here)

                    **March is MS Awareness/Education Month 


                 The Pulse--AZ Radio Show (Sept. 2012)

                    Debbie Petrina:  Guest--Interview, Q & A's (Click here)


        Web Profile--Nat'l MS Society
                                             Debbie Petrina:  Straight Talk  (August 9, 2012)

         Author Guest Chat--MS World (Nov. 28, 2012)
(Click here)

         Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Documentary Project
Debbie Petrina Interviewed (August 2012)

         NMSS: The Momentum article "The Importance of Connecting"

         Your Pets Magazine: my article  (July12, 2012)
                                      "Overcoming Hardship & Loss"



       Genzyme’s Lights, Camera, Take Action on MS
                    6-city tour campaign with Madaleine Stowe 
                          Invitation to participate (12/2014—June 2015)

MS Summit hosted by Novartis - Invitation to participate  
                    Chicago, IL (June 27, 2015)

       MS Summit sponsored by EMD Serano & Pfitzer
                          Mon. April 12 Rockland, MA-- D. Petrina participant

       MS Workshop hosted by Genzyme--Phoenix
Sat. Feb 15, 2014  Place: Arizona Biltmore (note-new date)
D. Petrina: Speaker/group facilitor 

       Phoenix MS Walk -  Phoenix Zoo (Nov 2, 2013)

       MS Society "No Boys Allowed":  Cognitive Issues  (Sept. 25)

       Banner Thunderbird Hospital July 19, 2013
Education Program to Staff:  "Understanding MS" (closed)

       Brain Health Fair-American Academy of Neurology
Sat. March 16, 2013 San Diego, California 
D. Petrina:  Exhibitor/Leader-MS Support Group Session 2:30 pm

       NMSS AZ Chapter Annual Meetng Jan. 7, 2013 (6-8 pm)
D. Petrina Participant: Making a Difference  (Video Conference)                  

   Local Authors Event--Glendale, AZ (Nov. 3)  

            Book overview/signing)

                                                      Phoenix MS Walk (Nov. 3) 

                                                          "Orange Ribbon Team" Walk Participant/volunteer


        Meet-the-Author:  R. H. Johnson Library 

                             Sun City West, AZ   Oct. 16, 2012



        Meet-the Author:  Phoenix June 27, 2012


Book Press Release  click here.