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Introduction:  Remarks about Videos (available)

I.  Exercise Series

         Floor Exercises:  Stretching/Breathing  (available) 

        Chi Machine:  Relaxation/Stress/Pain  (available)

        Use of Pulley:  Upper body stretching  (available)

        Body exercises while sitting (available)

         Leg stretching (in bed) with Assistant (to be updated)

         Yoga, breathing videos

         Foot Exercises That Can Help MS Patients' Mobility  

         How to Instantly Improve your Blood & Circulation

II.  Aquatic Exercise Series

          Introduction (available)

          Hydraulic Pool Lift (available)

          Warm-up/stretching/leg exercises (available)

          Swimming/Aerobics (available)

          Low impact body stretching/balance exercises  (available)

III. Education/Informational Videos

NEW!  Social Security Disability Law Updates for the MS Community (Excellent Video)
           MS Views & News (July, 2021) Webinar-Steven Stepper, ESQ. Disability Attorney

MS Movie Documentary "Beneath the Surface" (May 30, 2020)  (30-minutes.)

 How to Manage MS (available)

           Multiple Sclerosis Education Presentation (available)

           Invisible Symptoms/Fatigue in MS (available)

           MS and Heat  (available)

           MS and Depression (MyCounterpane Interview-Dr. Adam Kaplin)
MS Fatigue (click here)

                   Multiple Sclerosis International Federation

          "MS Impacts Us All" -- The Nat'l MS Society (available)

            "The Show Must Go On" by Kristie Salerno Kent 
                           Explains the symptoms of MS (click here)

        Handicap Accessible Room Evaluations  (available)

                1.Days Inn--Monroeville, PA  

              2.Marriott Hotel--Pittsburgh, PA

                     *Click here to see related blog posted April 17, 2012 

              3. Handicap Accessible Room Evaluation (click here)
                      Bar Harbor Grand Hotel  Bar Harbor Harbor, Maine

           Princess Cruise/Land-Tour Room Evaluation

                   1.  Princess Sapphire Cruise Ship (click here)

               2.  Fairbanks, Alaska  Princess Wilderness Lodge (click here)

               3.  Copper Ctr., Alaska (Princess Wilderness Lodge) (Click here)

       How to buy a Mobility Scooter--Part 1 of 2 (available) 

                                                                 --Part 2 of 2 (available)