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Kirkus Review  (November, 2021)
     "A bravely told and brutally honest self-help work."
    “The author’s truth telling makes her advice all the more affecting"

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MS Book Review: Managing MS: Straight Talk From a 31-Year Survivor

     "A book for every neurologist's office"
      Written by Kim Dolce

The New Book Review - (June 28,2012)
      Book Review by Sharon Baldacci, Author of A Sundog Moment
Book Review - Mary Jo Nickum (August, 2012)
      Author: Mom's Story


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Other Reviews:

“Debbie Petrina’s remarkable book will be helpful to people with MS and their loved ones as they embark on their own journeys.”
–Barry A. Hendin M.D., MSAA Chief Medical Officer

“Petrina’s book is rich not only in experience and information, it includes validation from licensed professionals. Her take on conventional wisdom, peer communication, and advice feels just right to this reviewer.”
—Kim Dolce, Moderator, Living with MS,

"Debbie Petrina has managed to improve her no-nonsense, been-there-done-that guide to navigating the often choppy waters of multiple sclerosis. For personal advice without the unnecessary puffery, it's just what the doc ordered.
--Dave Bexfield, MSer,founder of

“This book is an excellent and practical how-to guide for people newly diagnosed with MS. I wish my neurologist had recommended it, it changed everything for me. If you're living with MS one way or another, I can't recommend this book enough.”
Verified Purchase

“This is an empowering book that makes the endless details manageable - from her 41 years of experience. I felt like I was learning from an old friend over a cup of tea. This should be required reading for doctors, health professionals, MS patients and their families.”
–Sharon Baldacci, MSer, Author of A Sundog Moment

“This book contains some of the best info about MS and how to deal with it that I have found anywhere. It was so interesting that I read it straight through in one sitting. I have MS and I think everyone with it should read this book! I appreciated her honestly and humor.”
–Amazon, Verified Purchase

“I'm recently diagnosed and needed a book that offered the inside scoop from someone who's been there. This book is very accessible and written in a style that feels like chatting with a close friend. I learned a lot and feel like I have a better handle on what I could be facing.”
Verified Purchase

“Managing MS provides practical and meaningful guidance for people living with MS as well as for their family and friends. In addition, caregivers and health care providers can learn ways to understand someone who has been diagnosed with MS.”
–Ellen Friedman, Physical Therapist, Scottsdale AZ

“Good common-sense advice; not preachy. Very user-friendly.”
–Jeffrey Fisher M.D., (retired, Consultants in Internal Medicine, Glendale, AZ)

“This book is INCREDIBLE and easy to read. The clinical information and personal experience provided not only answers key questions but reassures readers that they are not alone.”
-–Sandy Dow, Neuro-Trauma ICU RN, Pittsburgh, PA

“I learned so much about MS and also about the human spirit that allows us to cope with whatever we are presented with.  Debbie writes in a style that is not only easy to read, but also educates & offers inspiring ways to think about and face life's challenges successfully & gracefully!  She doesn't hype management strategies, nor does she make claims about unproven treatments or therapies.”
Barbara Lambing - Registered Dietitian, retired