Book Summary--2nd Edition

2nd Edition

Debbie Petrina understands MS: she has spent 41 years living with it and over 30 years educating, counseling, interacting and volunteering through numerous channels to help anyone deal with it. Since publishing Managing MS—Straight Talk from a Thirty-One Year Survivor in 2011, she was inspired to write this enhanced 2nd edition as her MS journey continued, explaining how to proceed in the complicated and ever-changing world of MS.

Newly-diagnosed or older with MS? Trying to figure out the basics, what treatments to take, symptoms, interrelationships? Or, how to handle difficult subjects like bladder/bowel problems, mental health, stigmas and employment? In a “what to know, what to do” user-friendly format, readers are guided easily through current MS information and resources available today.

Managing MS offers patients and their loved ones hands-on knowledge and support to make life easier and less fearful. Others assisting MS patients will understand MS from a survivor’s viewpoint, and learn how they can help them move forward.